Pillow-Bag Packaging machine- PPMFS0099

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Model: PPMFS0099
It could be vertical, Intermittent operation, for flat bag (3-side sealing, 4-side sealing) and pillow-bag style. Also can perform the whole process of bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, printing the batch number, counting and photoelectric tracing automatically.
Technical Features:
1、With the features of beautiful looking and easy operation, the top-quality industry Aluminum-alloy is adopted as the machine shelf.
2、The position of the new-designed integrative electric cutter can be adjusted optionally during running. It can not only avoid the bag-blocking, but also prolong the life span of the cutter. It is convenient for the customers to adjust.
3、Two-shaft driving rotary arm takes place of the traditional single-shaft driving rotary arm to avoid the transformation of the single one while overburdened. It improves the quality of packaging effectively.
4、The new structure of bi-bag-pulling wheel is adopted, which not only guaranteed the exactitude of bag pulling but also the smoothness of the bag.
5、Adopts CPU to control each function state, and set up the man-machine conversation interface.
6、The double channel temperature of the horizontal and vertical is controlled by intelligent temperature controlling device.
7、Intelligent photo cell orientation, transform discretionarily between the light/shade. Strongly anti-jamming, when three bags can't catch up with the upper mark the machine will stop and give an alarm.
8、The packaging speed can be adjusted continuously within specified range.
9、Designed the stop-position specially in order not to make the wrapping material burnt.
10、Measurement adopts adjustable cup method which is accorded with the national measurement standard. The measurement of material with even density is exact. purpose: Liquid and sauce kind: Syrup, honey, jam, ketchup, shampoo, liquid pesticide, etc.               
Packaging speed (bag/min): 40~60
Measuring range (ml): 10~50
Bag size (mm): L:50~120  W:60~85
source voltage: 3 Phase 4 wire  380V/50Hz
      power(Kw): 1.04kw   
      Weight ( Kg): 195kg
Packing material: wrapper Various Laminate Film
Wrapper diameter(mm): Ø≤300
Temperature:  0~40℃
Humidity : 20~90 % RH
Work Condition: No cautery, flammable/explosive gas or powder
Remark: A,The above measuring range is standard install. That will be order additional by discuss if the user have special needing.
              B,That will be ordered especially if the electric power is single phase 220V/50Hz or other voltage.
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